About Hsin Tao

Movement and breath in meditation - the path to inner silence. Hsin Tao is a powerful self healing and regenerative technique said to have been practiced secretly in the Shaolin Monastery of China until the Cultural Revolution.

Designed specifically for the adult body, these simple exercises are as gentle as they are effective in rejuvenating body, mind and spirit. Easier to learn and practice than conventional types of yoga, this method calms, revitalizes and realigns the practitioner at a very deep level.

Hsin Tao requires no endurance or strength. The most immediate effect people experience is an immense stillness and inner peace. People who have never been able to meditate often spontaneously find themselves in deep meditation while practicing.

Although Hsin Tao- ' The Art of the Enlightened One ' is a form of Tantra yoga, it is more akin to martial arts. Its application and cumulative effects have proven unlike any popularly known physical or meditation technique. More than a keep-fit program, regular practice often brings about profound results.

These may include:

- tone and strengthen the entire body
- Balance the emotions
- Realign spine and posture
- increase flexibility
- encourage homeostasis
      ( state of physiological equilibrium )
- inspire positive attitude
- boost brain function
- Relieve anxiety
- enhance sexual function

Hsin Tao can be practiced easily at home, in the office or in any quiet space without the need for special equipment, clothing, exercise rooms or instructors.

Finally, this sacred and revered method has been released to the public so that anyone* can enjoy the benefits,

*Not recommended for people under 21 years of age










“Nothing is still. All things have to move. We learn to move with force and effort, against the tide of universal flow, which causes stress, discontent and finally illness. With Hsin Tao the universal tide moves us, and we learn to flow ourselves with effortless ease. When the body understands this, it brings about a new state of conscious awareness - easy, alert, in harmony. We become better at what we do, and at being ourselves. This is a new model, a new idea of how to live in the world: without ‘fight or flight’; regenerating, not deteriorating; using every day to relax more in the thick of chaos; to be still in the midst of movement.”
 - Ratziel Bander