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DVD The Miracle of Hsin Tao


DVD — "The Miracle of Hsin Tao: The perfect health support solution for our modern lifestyle"

a film by Ratziel Bander



“The Miracle of Hsin Tao” - A beautifully executed expression of the Hsin Tao basic course. Includes an historical perspective, demonstrations of the beginner's techniques, bonus exercise, and in-depth practice sessions with Ratziel. Learn the movements directly from the DVD, or use it as a perfect compliment to the beginner's workshop, helping you to bring Hsin Tao into your home and your life.

With this DVD, this sacred and revered method has now been released to the public for the first time so anyone can easily enjoy its profound benefits.




The Miricle of Hsin Tao

BOOK — "The Miracle of Hsin Tao"
by Ratziel Bander





HsinTao is a regenerative and self-healing technique kept alive by grand masters of the Shaolin Monastery who fled China during the Cultural Revolution. This surprisingly simple and easy technique was maintained in secrecy for almost 1400 years. Considered a treasure that often restored health miraculously, whilst balancing emotions, and enabling deep, fulfilling automatic meditation, it was protected and disseminated to only a few.

Ratziel Bander was taught HsinTao - ‘The Way of the Gods’ - expressly to release this extraordinary gift to the Western public. We follow his recovery from severe illness, as well as other personal stories of diverse lives being improved or healed through the Miracle of HsinTao.

With instructions and photos included, HsinTao can be practiced anywhere, any time, with no preparation, special clothes or equipment needed. It is easy, gentle, immediately rewarding, and life enhancing. For all ages 21+.