Ongoing work with Ratziel Bander


Clearings and/or healings are provided remotely as Ratziel senses the need for it or by client request. They clear the energy field of attachments, positively effect the auric field, as well as clear disturbing internal miasms.

Phone sessions can include consultation/ coaching, dealing with daily events from a spiritual perspective, advice on spiritual practice, diet and nutrition, or you may receive a remote healing.

Ratziel acts in these capacities to guide and care for entire families, aiding spiritual well- being and assisting their effectiveness to meet daily commitments in all walks of life. He can be retained on an individual or family basis. To discuss a personal plan, contact him at Fees apply to application.


Services may include:

  • Series of 3 clearings and/or healings
  • Per Month; clearings as needed
  • Clearings and/or healings with 2 or 3 - ½ hour phone sessions as needed
  • Introduction – includes 1 hour reading, 2- ½ hour phone sessions
  • Six Month – includes ongoing clearings, 2 phone sessions per month

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