Hsin Tao, about Ratziel Bander
Ratziel Bander is an accomplished Spiritual Guide and Healer. He has helped hundreds of people raise their consciousness and lead richer, more fulfilled, healthier lives. WorldwideRatziel is the only authorized master of HSIN TAO in the West, having received transmission from an exalted lineage.

Ratziel Bander began learning Hatha Yoga, meditation and clairvoyance at the age of fourteen in Sydney, Australia. By the age of twenty he had accomplished the difficult and rare initiation into the ancient Four Element Qabalah, had attained excellence in the arts of Tao and Tantra, and was guiding individuals on the inner path to mysticism. He also trained actors and dancers in Australia, Europe and Britain in corrective exercise, movement and breath, whilst helping his students discover the deep healing, divinely inspired nature of performance.

In 1994, Ratziel took a spiritual retreat for six years in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Australia. It was during the last years of this retreat that he used Hsin Tao to recover from severe Post-Polio Syndrome that had decimated his body and left him incapable of even the simplest physical exertion. The story of his illness, amazing recovery and the technique that facilitated it is described in detail in his book ‘The Miracle of Hsin Tao’.

In 2001, following his recovery from Post Polio Syndrome, he was graciously given permission to begin teaching the Hsin Tao method and was asked to bring it to the United States and the world.

Ratziel has been graced by being inducted into the original Chan School of Bodhi Dharma, in direct lineage from the great masterWong Fe Hung, through his personal teacher Ho Lo. Within the lineage as of 2012, Ratziel is the only authorized teacher of Hsin Tao to the public.

Before Ratziel’s induction, the secret teachings passed down by Wong Fe Hung were not accessible to any but a select few. Ratziel is committed to maintaining the purity and integrity of the teachings - which he has not yet fully revealed.

Private Sessions

For a more private time with Ratziel and more personalised instruction, private sessions are a great way to dispel the blocks and hurdles that limit inner success, freedom, and joy. Ratziel uses deep psychic insight, healing techniques, an ability to clear away unwanted energies and influences, combined with practical advice and insights covering all areas of life, to speed individual inner change. Most of his work is done remotely, using telephone and Internet for private communications and instruction. Those who can see Ratziel in person have an added benefit of being able to gain physical instruction in Hsin Tao, as well as enjoy the powerful magnetism of his hands on healing and spiritual transmissions.

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Private Readings

Soul Counseling
with Ratziel Bander: Change your world from the inside out. (Read testimonials about this)

Insight: unveil your soul purpose and core desires.

Understanding:   experience the right context for you to live NOW.

Guidance: harmonize your core needs with your daily work

Success:  make the adjustment to a world of inner wealth and outer satisfaction.

Ratziel's private readings can offer amazing insights into your life. For those who feel ready to transform at the deepest level, these sessions are intensely personal and profoundly universal. A deep-channeled energy transmission aids your process of inner discovery, helping you focus and fulfill your real soul mission. Often profoundly inspiring, private readings deliver a powerful message of healing and realignment, helping the individual experience the divine sacred presence within everyone.

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Private Healings

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My work with Ratziel began with a reading that shook my inner world and helped me to see myself from a new perspective.  In our ongoing communications, I felt the benefit of his healings and enjoyed the challenge of viewing life with attention to the subtle voices of my subconscious, thus helping me to more fully embody my essential and authentic Self, bringing more stillness, peace and freedom to my life. Thank you again so much. You know this paragraph doesn't begin to explain the inexplicable depth of our work together.

V. Coulter M.D.

Ratziel Bander changed my life. I learned to know myself at the innermost, deepest level, to abandon childhood worry and adult stress, and to start on a new path toward confidence and love. My one-hour reading with Ratziel led me to resolve longstanding personal issues that had been keeping me from reaching my full potential. Further guidance and healings continue to reveal new insights into my strengths and weaknesses, which in turn enable me to replace old fears and doubts with trust and faith.
A. Macias - Associate professor UCR

The profundity of the experience of Ratziel is difficult to describe. The healing my soul receives through his influence has resonated throughout every part of my life. I find myself listening, hearing and understanding in a totally different way. It is as of the nature of my being has changed, and I exist on an infinitely stronger foundation, realizing potentials that were once dormant, and facing life with with calm certainty.
C. Rivera – mother of two

Two years ago I began working with Ratziel and my entire life shifted almost instantly. I replaced old habits with new, anger with calm, distraction with focus. I have found harmony with my true self, which brings automatic repeated success to my life.
R. Smith - creative director

Ratziel Bander showed me not to waste my time and energy trying to fix all the little aspects of myself that were not working. Instead he helped me recognize a greater life purpose that was hidden inside me all along, and with his help I was able to effortlessly embrace this wonderful way of being! Thank you Ratziel, you changed my life!
E. Theiss - National manager Panasonic Electronics

My ongoing work with Ratziel has enabled me to step fully into my Spiritual path and my life purpose, making conscious the beautiful journey of my Soul. He is my Teacher in a much larger sense of the word, affecting me in the deepest way.
A. Welch - LICSW www.bodypsychotherapy.us