Hsin Tao, people speak

"Many people across the world have experienced profound changes occuring in their lives from practicing Hsin Tao. We share a few of these here, for you to glimpse the various ways Hsin Tao can positively effect your life.

Most Recent, concerning workshops

On behalf of Bob and myself, just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for organizing this event and bringing Hsin Tao to Denver.
I felt a peace 'that passeth understanding," felt a joy and sweetness as never before.
D. Davalos, Denver CO

It was soul and beyond deep for me. It was as though the brain was taken out of the practices. It takes a very good teacher to deliver the practices in a way the body will hold the memory as an open and quiet receiver. The Hsin Tao experience was profound in its simplicity, rich texture, elegance and depth.
Thelea, Denver CO


"I learned of Hsin Tao through Susanne Robinson. I have been doing the exercises on my own for approximately one month and am seeing profound results.  I am calmer, more clear headed, have greater awareness, better posture, etc.  I have felt the hot hands and want to go deeper into the practice." 
A. Storr NYC

"I just wanted to share this with you. Last night, I couldn't wait, you know, so I watched the DVD of Hsin Tao and followed along. Later today I was carrying some fifty pound bags of grain down to my shed. I know I was doing too much lifting but I really wanted to get them
in. Well, as I was preparing dinner I could feel my shoulder and neck tightening up, So I practiced some of the movements. When I sat down to eat, that feeling of a muscle tightening, I mean baring down hard, you know, the kind where it practically singes, well it just rose up and disappeared ! Wow!

I'm impressed. When I do the movements it feels to me like a blurring of the lines between our [perceived] solid physical reality and the space around us. I wonder if it's that blurring or opening up of space that allowed the pain to dissipate like that?

Anyway, thanks! With One Heart,
Janice, Vermont

"Greetings from Texas!
I ordered the DVD after intuitively being led to your web site. My husband and I have been doing the practice every day for about 5 months now.

I have fibromylgia and exercise was out of the question. After just a month of practice we started to go to the pool and I found that I could swim laps,many laps, with water tennis on and my body craved exercising in the water for no less that 60 minutes. We were amazed and so where some of the other folks trying to rehabilitate from the same affliction.

My husband could never sit up straight on the floor, his legs could not stretch out. You should see the amazing look he has every time he looks down at his legs both straight and him able to sit up now. Thank you for bringing this wonderful healing modality to us."
R. Gonzales Texas

"This practice
(which you don't even have to get right)… provides a quick measurable result, and it lasts! The innate power and exquisite peace that these sacred movements bring is beyond what the mind can understand. I highly recommend it to my clients." – Angel Evans, Founder of Brain Solutions, Los Angeles, CA

"For me, Hsin Tao is unlike any other practice I've experienced before. It is profoundly simple, profoundly elegant and profoundly effective. …. Hsin Tao is phenomenal and a powerful addition to any other practice." – Terry Melvin, Physical Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

"Hsin Tao is, in my opinion, uniquely efficient at creating the flow experience. The movement breath coordination, the passive way of being “breathed by” the movement induces a neurological re-patterning that very quickly seems to shift neurological dominance from the reptilian brain to the frontal lobes…. It wakes up the body’s inherent self-regenerating mechanisms, which enhances all internal systems…. This effect lingers for a while after the practice and continues to build from continuous practice. Hsin Tao endows a sense of well-being immediately even in beginners, which in other practices normally takes much longer to achieve." – Christian Opitz, Neuro-physicist, Germany

The changes we have all experienced are profound! Specifically, I want to say “ Hsin Tao endows a sense of well-beingimmediately, even in beginners...”that "less is more" and "letting the breath move you" are core concepts. I have noticed that surrendering to this concept manifests neurological transformation as well as physical transformation. – Dr Marjorie L. Rand, Ph.D, Los Angeles, CA

I have been a skier and snow boarder for over 20 years. I have endured severe burning in my legs from lactic acid formation which has limited my ability to enjoy the sport to the fullest. This year is the first time that I did not experience any pain what so ever and did not have to stop. Hsin Tao has given me an unprecedented level of fitness, not only on the moutain but in all other sports. – E. Theiss, sales manager , Los Angeles, CA

Since my diagnosis with MS 8 years ago, this is the most powerful healing and regenerative tool that I've acquired. – D. Franklin, Los Angeles, CA












Hsin Tao changed my body, mind and spirit. I have been practicing it for 4 months. And results are unbelievable.  My depression and anxiety is gone completely, my severe bladder problems (I suffered from chronic Interstitial Cystitis for many years) are in the past. I am able to achieve the state of relaxation, even deeper than I feel after doing Reiki in Reiki share group for 2 hours. The tension I used to  have in my tummy disappeared. I sleep better.  All in all I feel stronger, calmer, happier and  younger. It is important part of my life now. I keep practicing daily for about an hour and I feel the need and desire to do it.  Hsin Tao surprises me every time I do it. My eyes are closed, but DVD is playing, I hear your magic voice... and sometimes, especially when I'm doing standing techniques,  I feel transferred into a peaceful state of special pleasure and even bliss.
I realize that there is still much to learn. 
Thank you so much Ratziel!  I look forward to the privilege to learn more of this method and hopefully to bring my busy son to your next year class in Switzerland.
With deep respect and gratitude,