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Connexion Magazine

“When you master the technique, the body begins to move in its own way in order to heal itself with perfect accuracy.”

Sentences such as this from his book ‘Hsin Tao’ by Ratziel Bander had made me very curious. Should I participate in one of his seminars? The day of the seminar fast approaching, I tried a few of the exercises and it was a very quick and clear result: I wanted to get to know Hsin Tao live. As Ratziel Bander finally entered the spacious room, I was pleasantly surprised. He moved on stage like the rest of us move in our living rooms, he appeared to feel very good in his skin and his eyes were relaxed and carried great depth. He himself appears to really enjoy his brief descriptions and the performing of these exercises. Lying on his back with arms and legs waving in the air, he explains to us that babies train the tiny muscles of their
spine, necessary for strength and stability, by doing such small movements. When we exert effort, we only use the large muscle groups. It is indeed the case that Hsin Tao stands in a category of its own by virtue of using no effort whatsoever. The exercises remind me of a dancer that is totally lost in his body's movements. Ratziel Bander, in his humourous manner, tells us of the legend of how Hsin Tao developed: Bodhidharma sat in a cave meditating for nine years. When he finally stood up, his spirit was
enlightened but his body was stiff and lifeless. It was then that he began to move in a special way that revitalized his body and gave it new strength. In a joyous and playful way, Hsin Tao invites back to our bodies the
universal life energies that created them and can heal and rejuvenate them. I could clearly feel the effects that same night and in the morning as well: I have much more fire in my belly.

von Demian zur Strassen